Building Process


At the start of the process, we will sit down and discuss the type of home you’d like to build.  From size, budget, and special features that are must-haves, we use this time to get an overall sense of your vision of a dream-home.


Now the fun begins — walk-out basement?  Two story or a sprawling bungalow?  Butler’s pantry and a mudroom?  Large calming spa-like en-suite bathroom?  Here we start to put the pieces together and design your home, with your guidance and our expertise and experience in what works and makes for a great-flowing house that you’ll enjoy.


After the design is settled on, we can start really putting the character of the home together by choosing the finishing materials.  Do you favour rich and dark colours with warm wood or a cool and clean modern aesthetic?  Natural stone, granite, or engineered countertops?  Soft cork or wood flooring or the durability of tile?  Whole-house audio and automation with a tiered-seating theatre?  There are many choices to make here but again using your vision of the home we can guide you and suggest choices that will fit your dream and budget.

Sign Off

Before we start the build, we make sure all of the details are correct and go through the plans and list of materials with you for verification.  When you are satisfied that we’ve captured your vision and are going to build the home of your dreams, we then begin the build.


The build process is where we execute the finely detailed design plan.  Once construction is under-way things move quickly — we know you are excited to get into your new home and we’re excited to build it for you.  Our homes are fully-inspected at the required stages and walk-throughs can be arranged so you can see for yourself the quality and craftsmanship that is going into your Entity home.

We understand that people can have a change in perception as they begin to see their home take shape.  Because of this, once we start building your custom dream home, you will have flexibility through the process to make some non-structural changes.

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